Cook County Justice Watch Speaks with Floyd Stafford

Recently, Cook County Justice Watch had the chance to speak with Floyd Stafford, future Legislative Coordinator for the Cook County Justice Advisory Council. Floyd is a co-founder of the Alumni Association and a criminal justice advocate. He spent several months in the Cook County Jail’s Pre-Release program, and brings a rare and much-needed perspective to this work. We spoke to Floyd about growing up on Chicago’s West Side, his experience in Cook County Jail and the work he hopes to do in his upcoming position. Floyd also provides insight on the challenges that formerly incarcerated people face upon release, and the work he has done and and continues to do challenging these barriers.

2 thoughts on “Cook County Justice Watch Speaks with Floyd Stafford

  1. Don September 11, 2015 / 3:15 am

    I was released in Mar 2015. I have had the hardest time with employment. And housing. I lost everything’ going to prison. It didn’t matter that the girl lied or she was a virgin on the stand. I had job offers but I can’t pass a background check. I am virtually homeless. I work a temp job, getting some training in advanced manufacturing. I sleep probably 3 hrs a day. I just want to work a job where I can take care of myself. I have a son. I want to be able to provide for him. Don’t what to do people say trust in God. That’s probably why I am not on the street or riding the trains. But I am so close.


    • floydstaff September 11, 2015 / 7:53 pm

      Hi Don,

      I empathize with your struggle. At times the barriers can seem insurmountable, however it sounds like you are persevering. There’s some organizations that may be helpful. The Safer Foundation has programs that assist the formerly incarcerated with housing, employment etc; also the Alumni Association, which is a peer support network for the formerly incarcerated may be of interest to you. We have a Facebook page- Rebirth to Reentry

      Please reach out and let’s support each other! Continue to trust in God and best of luck to you!


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