The Cook County Justice Watch was formed to promote improved implementation of criminal justice in Cook County.  We believe that our communities will be safer and healthier when justice system resources are focused on progressive reforms.

Our membership includes community representatives (faith-based and secular), experts in the field of criminal justice administration, legal advocates, and professional evaluators.

The Cook County Justice Watch will engage in research of criminal justice system practices and outcomes in an effort to identify and highlight successful policies or troubling practices for improving the administration of justice. We also intend to build relationships amongst stakeholders and take action to focus policy makers’ attention on specific steps needed to improve the justice system in Cook County.


– Research: Watch members will research best practices conducted in jurisdictions both within and outside of Cook County to highlight effective programs and interventions.  We will also engage in critical observation of different processes within the system. These efforts will be complemented by access to information made available through the Cook County Justice Advisory Council.
– Blog: We will report our findings and efforts on our blog “Cook County Justice?”  This site will be developed to be a real time and cutting edge resource for reporters and others interested in improving positive outcomes from the justice system in Cook County.
– Network Building: The Cook County Justice Watch  will build new relationships and leverage existing ones to increase opportunities for implementing successful reform.

Contact Information: cookcountyjusticewatch@gmail.com

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  1. Rene Heybach July 31, 2015 / 11:39 am

    Your work looks excellent, very informative


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